The Enchanted Cave 2 now available on iOS!

The premium version of The Enchanted Cave 2 has been approved and is now for sale in the App Store! 😀

24 thoughts on “The Enchanted Cave 2 now available on iOS!

  1. Just for the record, me too would like to see updated items on NG++, but still the game is fun the way it is! Just for the record, omw to NG+5 😀

  2. I was searching the app store every few days from mid-April to now. What a treat to finally have the app!

    Here are a few suggestions:

    * Add “Background Music Mode”, a special iOS feature which means that when your app launches, it will not mute any playing music/audio from other background apps. Instead, the game will mute ITS background music, and will only play sound effects. This allows people to play their own music libraries.

    * Control scheme: Joystick or button overlay on the left hand side; holding keeps moving the character in that direction.

    * Control scheme: Tap/drag to move. You tap on the ground ONCE and then just drag your finger around to move the targeting square and the character moves continuously towards whatever the latest target is.

    * Fast travel: When you open the map view, please let us double-tap a position on the map to move to the vicinity of that (closest position that avoids all enemies). It’s so annoying to explore super far down some path and then have to slowly tap, wait for movement, tap, wait for moment, over and over to get somewhere else. I never felt that on desktop where I could just hold down W/A/S/D keys to move continuously, but on mobile there’s so much tapping. At least you realized the problem exists and added “move to stairs”, but please make fast travel possible using the dungeon map.

    1. The game is awesome and was worth the wait and the money! At least playong from 1 am to 6 am in beed suggests it is!

      Some small bugs:
      – Random slowdown, seems to happen at the moment of entering a level with many enemies, at around level 30-40. Game stays choppy until forcefully restarted. Thid is on an iPhone 5S which is definitely fast enough.
      – When tapping to move, the targeting square blinks and then fades out, but leaves a 1 pixel tall distortion on the ground, which flashes away later. Kind of annoying.
      – When the game is forcefully quit, it doesn’t save the current position. This is a big one. You fouble tap the home button to ger the app switcher and kill the game, and when you re-launch it you are back at the start of the current level. You could probably add an autosave in the force quit-handler since other apps save position on quit.

      1. I took the plunge and pressed New Game+ on v2.1 for iOS and wow it’s bad. Really bad.

        All monsters have loads more damage and armor. Fine.

        But I expectef to see cool things like “Kitchen Knife” from the shop giving perhaps +70 attack this time (dynamically rising for each NG+ restart). That would allow us to replay the game infinitely, getting gear upgrades each time and cycling throygh gear and having fun getting more and more powerful. But nope.

        Monsters give 3 xp and 7 gold, and drop a kitchen knife with same old +3 attack. That means my current best-in-slot gear will never be upgraded, and meanwhile all enemies get upgraded.

        That isn’t replay valur. That’s just a character stuck with a single set of gear, trying to survive against super hard enemies that give 1/50000th of the xp required to level.

        Why? It has potential if you just add an attribute to every item: “Ng+ Level: 2” for example; and then make all stats scale vased on that number.

        So it is still all the same items and mobs, but gold, items and xp scales. And you are encouraged to replay and keep swapping gear. So your awesome ragnarok sword from run 1 may ve surpassed by a floor 30 vendor sword, for example. Now THAT would be a gamemode worth playing.

        As it is now, a single playthrough is all the content there is, since fighting harder enemies with zero reward and zero upgrades is just awful and not fun at all.

        1. 361 attack (+37 bleed/decimate), 151 magic, 446 armor, 1330 hp, 322 mana, level 33, 100% unlocked warrior and magic trees, 40% critical hit chance, +40 mp regen, best equipment in the game in every slot with the best enchantments in the game.

          I made it to floor 74 without wings in “new game +” mode, at which point each enemy did 2-3x more damage than was healable with the mo recovered after each battle.

          I am probably the best EC2 player in the world, considering the iPhone version is the one pre-nerf, with the RIDICULOUSLY bad ng+ mode, and another guy in the comments only made it to floor 31 in that pre-nerf mode.

          So, considering I have stats far exceeding most players, it’s obvoous you haven’t tested ng+ mode enough. I understand, game dev time leaves no time for playing your game. But this is silly.

          It was a fun game while it lasted for me. I am happy about the money I spent and the two days of entertainment, and wish you luck with the sales and with implementing a fun ng+ mode similar to my suggestions. It’s exactly what the game would need to make it fun to replay.

          For now I’ll uninstall the game and possibly play again in the future if things are improved. Thanks for the fun. 🙂

          1. I beat the 100 floors without using a wing … but then went to new game +.
            I have to agree that new game + was bad.

            Find out the F1 mobs were killing me faster than the F99 enemies before new game+.
            Check the items to see what I can do to improve; skill trees same as previous game, and items are the same as they were on the previous playthrough.

            There was no choice if I wanted to make an attempt at NG+ but to clear all data and start from scratch.

            Aside from NG+ the game is awesome and I really enjoyed it. I will make a lot of equip sets to deal with the NG+ if I even can deal with it … and try to beat that super challenge.

            1. oh, there was an update. I didn’t notice. Going to have to look at NG+ again after I update it… and improve my character a bit more. ^_^

              1. Game+ is supposed to be hard you whiny babies. Protip: you need several sets of equipment with different resists.

      1. But even in non-premium free version you can add something new! This will keep the interest to the game!
        You can update both versions, so the game will be alive!

  3. Are “timed” (complete this in between ‘x’ and ‘x + y’ runs or miss out forever) quests a common thing in the premium version of TEC2? I noticed that one woman that was asking for a pearl ring vanished from town by the time I had actually found one, and am hoping that random dumb luck and/or a need to rush level completion will not affect my overall game completion.

    1. A few NPC’s will come and go like the pearl ring woman, so it’s just a bit of bad luck she was gone when you returned to town. There’s no timer as in minutes or seconds, but the town updates with each time you use the escape wings. I’ve always thought of it as the next day / 24 hours passed.

      1. Thank you for letting me know that part. Between the steadily rising “disappearance” counter and people freaking out, I had guessed that the quest elapsing was no coincidence.

        It probably is no loss either, since I’m betting that my playthrough was already using superior gloves, but reading the dialogue you programmed in is also a lot of fun.

        *makes a note to intentionally drag out a future completion over a month or so, and observe how badly things can go wrong* 🙂

        1. I cannot even begin to guess how many in-game months I have been playing my latest “run”through of the game, but I am only halfway through the dungeon and possessing obscene base stats from all of the gems I have been harvesting. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the game’s plotline pausing indefinitely at 19 deaths and such, but freely anknowledge that no normal playing of this game would have dragged on for so long. I’ll let you guys know what I finally end up with once I complete the dungeon, but it might be a good long while. XD

          More importantly, I made this message to congratulate Dustin at finally getting onto the app spotlight. May you make a ton of money from the extra sales, because you’ve certainly put in the effort to deserve it all.

  4. Is anyone working on a Wiki for Enchanted Cave 2? If needed I can help provide info on items and monster info in NG+ up to floor 80. I’ve been farming my face off since it came out on Android and idk if anyone else has gotten this far yet, so I’d like to help out. So again, if someone is working on a Wiki and wants any stats for monsters, items, or lvl Xp for lvls after 36, feel free to email me,

  5. Finally, the store let it through!

    I even noticed it in the app store first, since I’ve only been checking every single day since the Android release date. If you will excuse me, I now have higher priorities, since the game finished d/ling a few minutes ago… 😀

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