The Enchanted Cave 2 Android Release!

Premium version of The Enchanted Cave 2 is now out for Android! 😀


iOS is still under Apple review, so it’s coming soon!

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  1. Hey this game is amazing but I’m having a bit of a problem. I have a Nexus 6 with the Android M preview installed and whenever I try to launch the game I get an error stating unfortunately this application is not responding and then it takes me to my home screen. I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled and updated but no dice. 🙁 any ideas? Has anyone else reported this issue?

    1. Android M doesn’t work at the moment, hopefully it will when it is officially released and not a preview.

  2. Dustin,
    Someone mentioned a little while ago that depending on Potion Efficiency there was a boost to enchanting items. This was a very good side bonus as you grow in levels and need much more in higher NG+++ games. This effect seems to have gone away in the last patch, was that intentional or not?

    Example: The other day my cabbages were giving me +3 mp regn(normally +1 or +2 i think?) when I had 195% potion efficiency. Now I’ve finally returned to floors 40-60 so I could farm Mortimus Iron that I thought normally gives +3 mp regn, and I was expecting at least a +4 if not rounded up to a +5 mp regn and it says its still +3. So, I checked one of the left over cabbages I had and it now only gives +2 mp regen again??

    1. This shouldn’t have changed… I haven’t touched anything potion related in at least a month.

      On a related NG+ note I am uploading a balance adjustment there to make it not start off quite as difficult. I know you’re well into it so you’ll probably notice it suddenly get easier in the next update (version 2.18) but it should return to hard difficulty in another NG+ run or two. I figured since it’s infinite anyway might as well provide some lesser challenge for a bit before it gets super hard instead of jumping straight into crazy difficult stuff on the first NG+.

      Also I was mistakenly not adjusting monster’s elem stats for NG++ and onward, just the first NG+, so that will actually increase the difficulty a bit there… though the other changes will overcompensate that.

      1. A decrease in difficulty sounds ok I guess. I was actually going to mention that the floor bosses (25&50) did seem a bit too easy in both NG+2 and 3 compared to the regular monsters which I am guessing was due to the lack of elemental damage increase.

        Just to clarify my other question, I was talking about enchanting armor with materials, not crafting potions with them. For example (I just checked this) if I craft a potion with Fractal Cabbage it says +3 mana regen, but if I use it to enchant armor it only gives +2 mana regen, a few days ago (before I DLed the last patch) it gave me +3 on my armor. Same thing with Mortimus Iron +3 with Enchanting but +5 with potion crafting.

        1. Enchanting should have always been like that… not sure what happened there, what your describing now sounds like the intended function. Enchanted equipment should be half strength (Rounded up) of the same ingredient as a potion.

  3. Data Protection and Transfer Question…
    So it has recently come to my attention that I’ve spent more time on this game than I care to admit, for example: My stats – all farmed over too many hours.

    So I was recently looking at new phones I said to myself, “WELL I BETTER MAKE SURE IT CAN PLAY TEC2 lulz… ooh shit, what about my saved game??”

    So I took a look and it is telling me I can transfer the data to my SD card. If I did that and moved that SD card to a new phone that had TEC2 on it, would it keep the saved data?

    1. Honestly I don’t know much about phones in that respect… There’s so many Android phones and versions that handle things a bit differently, I’ve never gotten much into it. 🙁

      1. Welp, then I’ll hope and pray that transferring the data to the SD card works. Then whenever the time comes if it doesn’t transfer then except to hear from me! 😛

        Alternatively if anyone else is able to test this (I wont be getting a new phone for at least a month) then please reply back with your findings!


    1. You can only get 1 agony stone per play through… but fyi it seems enchanting items get stronger the higher + you are in. My first agony stone only gave me 8% insta-kill… second one gave me 12%… 3rd 13% and now the 4th gave me 15% in NG+3.

      Now the real question is… if I had just waited till I was in NG+3 to use all 4 stones would I have a total of 60% insta-kill, or still just the 48%? I think I would have had 60% :\.

      To bad no one has made a Wiki for this game… If only I knew how lol.

      1. OOOH!!! And I am wondering about the shield as well!

        I have every other item in the game except for the “last” shield which I would assume is Hero shield like Martin stated.

        I farmed floors 90-100 on NG+2 probably 50 times and got every other end game item 3-4 times but I was only getting the Wizard Shield and nothing better.

        1. are there new weapons/armor in new game+? If that’s true the hero shield must either be bugged or have some really hidden quest thing?

          1. Apparently I am posting to quickly lol …

            No there are no new items. New Game + (1,2,3 and so on) just increase the stats/xp/gold of monsters and it resets all quests.

      2. Lol I didn’t read a reply to my own Question:
        Jo says:
        May 5, 2015 at 12:57 pm
        Maybe you’ve leveled up your potion efficiency skill tree? Apparently it adds to enchantment efficiency too. I saw some comment saying a +2 fractal cabbage gave +3 after efficiency….

  4. First let me say a couple of hearty thanks:

    1. THANK YOU for all the hard work and expertise you’ve poured in to this game. Actual, real, good dungeon crawlers are few and far between on mobile, especially if you discount all the f2p games that get plonked out by money factories once every few weeks or so.
    2. Thank you, also, for putting a numerical representation of hp/mp on the main interface. So much easier to tell at a glance how much longer a given run might go, when you need a potion/heal, etc

    The game is really well made and I appreciate it. I do feel, however, that there should be a ‘medium’ interface size. While the standard is great for the 3-4.6 inch class of smartphone and the large is fantastic for tablets, 4.7-6 inch phablets are increasingly common and it’s amazing how frustrating having either a too small or too large interface can be. Either I choose the standard and wear out my finger tapping 1.5-2 dozen times to move across the larger maps or I give myself eye strain and a healthy dose of neuroses trying to tap just the right spot on the larger interface. I would be very grateful for something in between.

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 user checking in. I agree with you Brandon, granted I’ve have gotten used to dealing with clicking multiple times. I’ve found that focusing on clearing to the door first helps a lot. That way, when I am getting the last gem on a floor I can just use the quick-click-exit button so my character can find his own way down, but then again I do have the “revealer” spell.

      I will say that in TEC1 had a + and – button on the side that allowed for 5 different view settings.

  5. New game+ is so poorly explained.

    What (if anything) is lost when doing New Game+ mode?

    Do you keep skills? stat gems? Equipped items? Inventory items?

    What is gained, apart from harder enemies? Do drops have higherstats than they did in the normal game?

    1. Tapping the New game+ menu button just days “really start a new game?”. I would change that to a dialog with info about what items/stats/skills/gold are kept or lost, how the enemy xp and drops will scale, etc.

      Speaking of which; i saw someone below complain about super low xp. That’s not fair. How about something like “(mob base xp + 200 xp) * (ng+ * 15%)”. So an dnemy that gave 10 base xp (floor 1 in regular game) would give (10 + 200) * (1 * 15%) = (210) * 1.15 = 241.5. On ng+2, it would be (210) * (2*15%) = (210) * 30% = 273. This might fix the issue of too low xp. Heck maybe even multiply the 200 bonus xp by the ng+ level so ng+1 has 200 bonus xp on all enemies, then 400, 600 etc, to match the fact that our levels will be so high that regular xp is just too punishing.

      1. The same thing goes for gold drops. He said they drop 7 gold each. That is crazy for enemies tougher than floor 90-100 enemies from the regular game.

        1. Hey, I am currently on New Game +2, and was the original person to complain about XP/Gold in NG+. Since then changes have been made to XP /Gold from monsters in NG+ and scale correctly. The item drops on all of the levels are equal to the original play through so, if you are missing some items and want to farm for them you should do that before starting NG+.

          When you start NG+ you are allowed to change your original appearance. You keep ALL of you Artifacts/XP/Gold/Levels that you would normally keep when using “wings”. You just are starting back at level one.

          To give you an examples of the monster difficulty a lvl 1 Rat in NG+ has: ~600hp, 327atk, 87def, gives 21gold and 302xp.

          In NG+ 2 a lvl 1 rat has ~1000hp, 640atk, 171def, gives 41gold and 603xp

          1. I said you are starting back at “Level” 1 what I ment to say was you are starting back on “Floor” 1, and additionally all Quests are available again.

  6. Hahah I thought you only said there was 1 NG+ …now I see a NG+2 … I am very very very… wait for it … very happy! Hahah

        1. Maybe you’ve leveled up your potion efficiency skill tree? Apparently it adds to enchantment efficiency too. I saw some comment saying a +2 fractal cabbage gave +3 after efficiency.

          If this is true, “potion efficiency” should be renamed to “potion/ench efficiency” to make the tree easier to understand. It looked like the worst tree (and still is), but that enchantment increase is a very nice bonus if true.

  7. If there are any upcoming updates can you make some of the text bigger? Such as the amount of gold the player has and the text underneath items in the craft menu.

  8. Properties of HP Regen and MP regen do not stack? I feel like I waste it when applying to other items :/

    1. Yes, they stack when they are separate enchantments. If you’re talking about enchanting already enchanted items, then no, no properties stack like that. There’s a max of two enchantments on a piece of equipment, otherwise it’d be way to easy to just enchant an item to be way too powerful.

          1. That confused me on the first playthrough as well.

            You could rename like this:

            HP Regen = HP Regen
            MP Regen = MP Regen

            HP Recover = HP Make Gooder
            MP Recover = MP Obtain Again.

            Okay no joke, perhaps something like: HP Mend / MP Mend for the potion versions, so that Regen stands out more as the over-time stat.

      1. Its harder to notice when HP restore is or MP restore bonus stats arent located in the “More Stats” selection.

  9. found a bug on nexus 7, on the boss on lvl 100 game quits out right as I kill the boss. when i go back in and continue i am still on floor 100

  10. In New Game +, the xp per monster is a bit low, and by a bit I mean EXTREMELY.

    The difficulty of the monsters in New Game + feels great! Starting on floor 1 seems to be about equal to floor 81 which was awesome. BUT then I noticed the monsters gave only ~25% increase in original xp?
    What started off as a nice challenge is now a straight Defense Gem hunt with little to no ability to level up or get better gear. At Floor 36 in New Game + I am getting ~87xp per kill when I need 171,464 to get to level 31. That’s roughly 1970 monsters I need to kill to level to get 1 stat point. Compared to Floor 90-100 which gave ~400-500xp per monster the first run through, and they have about the same stats. Now I didn’t mention gold drops before because the XP is more important, BUT gold allows us to buy gems on some floors which are desperately needed for NG+. On floor 36 in NG+ I am getting ~7 gold per monster(red spider). I can’t even stock pile gold for when I get to the gem sellers to buy the gems I desperately need. Increases in difficulty should scale at least some what similarly to the reward right? Give the monster 10x the stats, then give him 10x the xp and gold. Or heck, I’d be OK with 5x the XP and gold, at least I’d be able to make some progress and not just mindlessly look for gems cause its pointless to fight the monsters.

    I mean unless you wanted people to just do gem hunting to level slower as it is supposed to be harder?

    1. I’ll adjust the exp and gold. New Game+ is just a little bonus kind of thing. It’s meant to be infinite, and it’s really hard to balance a game with so many different aspects to infinity. 🙂

      1. It wouldn’t be sooo bad if I wasn’t forced to the deepest 10 levels to farm for gems, but you explained that to me. It’s just the fact I need to go 30-40 ad nauseum now it why I decided to belly ache about the XP instead 😛

  11. Hey Dustin. Love the game. I have noticed considerable slow down as I play the game longer. Normally after 10 or so floors it just gets sluggish. I’m playing on a nexus 5, and I normally don’t have very many problems. Is it due to my phone or is this normal?

  12. Thank you very much for your game !!! Amazing!!! 😀

    Any chance to add cloud saving? I play both on my mobile and my tablet…

  13. I have a quick question, would it be possible for those of us who Kickstartered the project to get the OST while we wait for our Steam keys to come out? I’ve beaten the flash version like 4 times and I don’t have a compatible Android device to play the premium version ;-;
    Also, I was hoping to work on a wiki for this game, and having original images/sprites to create a database for people who like to have precise stats would be awesome.
    Thank you for creating such a great game Dustin, and I hope to see more awesome games from you.

  14. Had there been problems with the app review process? The game still hasn’t been released on iOS yet 🙁

    1. Yes, it was rejected yesterday because of a display bug I’ve never had happen to me. I’ve submitted another build with a fix so it’s just more waiting now. Apple’s app review process is 1-2 weeks for each build. Google Play doesn’t have one so I was able to release Android earlier. It’s incredibly frustrating to wait a week and half, then make a 20 min change and re-submit to have to wait another week and a half to see if Apple likes that one, but that’s just what you have to do. They say this review process is to ensure their games are of high quality but clearly have no problem having thousands of flappy bird clones in the app store.

      To hit a set release date for iOS, developers have to have a complete game at least 2-3 weeks in advance submitted to account for this. I didn’t do this, so now you all get to feel what it’s like for any iOS developer behind the scenes. 😉

      I even had the Android version completed and ready to publish a week before I did in an attempt to try and publish them at the same time, but a week obviously wasn’t enough.

    1. Yes, it will probably be May. There’s a lot of company and tax verification stuff that is taking a long time with Steam.

  15. Hi Dustin,

    Great Job! It’s fun playing on mobile, because its…. mobile!

    I have Samsung galaxy II.

    The game freezes and crashes when trying to assign a potion or spell to the quick bar.


    1. Hey, that’s fixed in an update now, so make sure you install that! That’s fixed in version 2.01 and later – you can see the version number in the top-left of the credits screen.

  16. Loved the flash version and I’m patiently awaiting the Steam release. Any idea if this will work on a Kindle Fire? I have no interest in most tablets, but I could use a Fire anyway and this would be an incentive to buy one now. May 15th can’t come soon enough. Thanks for the great game anyway!

    1. Not sure on how the Fires will work. Other platforms are the bigger priority right now but maybe in the future I will look into it!

  17. Excellent but there is a very annoying bug : i used wings at lv 82 and the game crashed and impossible to launch it again (crshed at every launch)
    Had to reinstall it but lost my save (no problem i finished the flash vetsion many times) but i’m afraid it happens again… is there a problem after lv 80 ?

    1. Hm… I don’t think it’d be something with being after level 80. Did the title screen never show up at all or did the game crash when you would try to click “continue?”

      1. No it just crashed (back to the phone desktop) and impossible to launch it again. Everytime i had an android crash report page (“sorry your program stoped…”). No title, nothing.

        1. I got the same error. I don’t remember if it was 82 or 83, but it was definitely after 80. Disappointing if I can’t recover the save, but it won’t stop me from starting over if necessary. This game is so much fun.

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