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The Enchanted Cave 2 is a sequel to the successful flash game The Enchanted Cave, which was released in 2009 and has several millions of game plays across the web today. Following a successful kickstarter in April of 2014 I quit my programming job to work full time on The Enchanted Cave 2.

The Enchanted Cave 2 is an RPG with heavy roguelike elements featuring a randomly generated 100-floor dungeon of monsters and treasure. During a typical run you’ll find both normal treasure and artifacts, with the difference being normal treasures are for that run only, while artifacts and other stat increases, exp, and gold you keep permanently and can use on future runs when you successfully escape.

The soundtrack is written by the legendary Grant Kirkhope, composer for games like Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye 007, Civilization Beyond Earth and plenty more!

Check out the game’s press kit here!

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  1. I Beat the game and started playing new game+ and i noticed that the monsters still give the same amount of xp, Since its new game+ and the monsters are stronger, shouldn’t they give more xp also?

      1. Yes, I went to the main menu and pressed new game plus, the monsters are stronger but dont give any more exp than they did before

  2. I love both the prequel and this one, i just got one quick question, On floor 100 can you use the golden wings to escape or do you have to fight the boss, cause i wanna be prepared incase i can’t escape

    1. Glad you enjoy them! You can use the wings there too if you have them before fighting the boss. If you don’t have them some will appear if you defeat the boss.

  3. Hi Mr Auxier !
    As a huge fan of the Ancient Cave of Lufia II, I had really liked TEC1 so I’m interested in buying TEC2 Premium for PC.
    I see it is available on as DRM-FREE. Since you don’t mention non-Steam versions on your own site, I wanted to know if the GOG version is really a PC version that you can play without Steam.
    I also so on another page of your site ( that one person had reported micro-freeze issues on the Premium PC version. Have you been able to fix them and if not, do you know if everyone encountered them or only this person?
    Thanks in advance for your answers and have a good day!

    1. My mistake: I wrote but I meant Humble Store! So the the DRM-FREE version I mentioned is on the Humble Store, not on!

      1. Hi, it’s no problem! The game in the Humble Store is indeed DRM-free so steam or any other client isn’t required.

        I think the microfreezes described by that user have only been reported by them so it’s likely an issue local to their computer. There have been several updates since then included a significant overhaul of how all of the graphics are rendered however which may have inadvertently fixed the issue anyway.

        1. Thanks for your answer, Mr Auxier!

          I bought the game a few days ago. I finally play it on Steam. The Humble Store also allows me to download something called “”. Is it the DRM-Free version?

          Apart from this, back to what I asked you a few days ago: I also meet these micro-freeze issues. It does not only happen when walking but also when fighting and indeed, as the other user mentioned, actions are not processed during these micro-freezes. For instance, if I try to cast a spell while fighting, it is not cast if the micro-freeze happens as the same time.
          Not a very big issue however.

          Now, here’s my feedback about the game.
          I told you I bought it a few days ago, which is true. What I did not say is that I was so much hooked by the game that I beat it today, after 20 hours of gameplay!
          I had played TEC1 to the end so I knew I would probably not be disappointed by TEC2… and I wasn’t!
          These both games, especially TEC2, manage to give nearly as much fun as The Ancient Cave from Lufia II did, and believe me, this is is quite a compliment in my mouth!
          Since you had explicitely mentioned Lufia II in TEC1, I knew you were also a huge fan of The Ancient Cave and I must say there’s something I hoped you would include in TEC2… and you did: the Gold Dragon, the mythical enemy of Lufia II’s Ancient Cave, the one you feared to battle when you reached the latest levels of the cave. He’s here, back in TEC2! Thanks for the fan service, Mr Auxier! :-)

          The game is really woth every penny of its (low) price. I had 20 hours of fun with it and I know I still have things to do if I want to get all the Steam trophies. And I don’t even mention the “New Game+”…

          Congrats for your game, Mr Auxier!

          One last thing: is there an instruction manual to be found somewhere?

          1. Glad you’re enjoying it! and yes the windows_content is just the game DRM-free. There’s not an instruction manual that I’ve written but there are a few fan-made guides around I’m sure.

  4. Forgot to mention that I bought this game in the App Store for my iPad and iPhone. This game is well worth the price I paid. So cheap for all the entertainment value given back to me. One thought, can you add a sync feature to the game so that my iPad and iPhone versions are always at the same level. This game rocks!!!

  5. Fantastic game. Replay value is awesome. Highly recommended to all dungeoneers. When is The Enchanted Space Station coming out? Keep on coding.

  6. I just wanted to leave some love for the creator, I played online a couple times and ended up buying the AppStore version. I had no idea that one guy pulled this off and, I should mention I have no knowledge of coding, am super impressed. Thanks for a great game, bro.

  7. Sometimes people never make it out of this cave! Well…

    A true retro game made in 2015! Suits folks who like square old fashioned gaming experience, the kind of flavor reminding you that you are indeed playing a game. Quite whacky to come up with this with so many glossy and highest end choices around. Almost seems like a statement – it is only a game!

    A wide array of paths is soon available and specific strategies can be pursued. It is nice to progress through it’s floors. At different stages the game does come up with new priorities thus asking for an alternate strategy.

    The first level vendor tells a true story when mentioning the useful health-magic. Repetition in the form of farming magic potions becomes more and more important. Harbouring a decent amount of health-points and being fast at restoring this health using magic when facing the different bosses tells us about the last frontier this neat game brings up.

    I should mention that the huge and quite creative variation of seemingly necessary little items is of use for a short period of time only. Derriving strength from potion making works well but becomes less important with each New Game+ since foes get stronger quite quickly.

    It is true that each New Game+ singles these strategies eventually into just two main objectives. The means of progression change rapidly and the very dedicated player will eventually find out that one ultimate goal is about exchanging certain clothing for precious items. With no limits and a fancy 100% insta-kill you’ll find out that the bosses remain what they are – bosses!

    And this renders the limits of this game because restoring health in these few remaining challenges becomes more and more difficult and eventually impossible I dare say.

    As a matter of fact, the price is very reasonable and you get a great value for it. It is fun to stroll alongside our brave heroes in this very retro game!

  8. Amazing game! Finished it. Was wondering how item drop rate affects anything? I tried farming at 70+ for rare crafting parts with 68% drop rate but none of them seem to be affected?

  9. Hi, love the game, play on iPhone. On about floor 15, I gave away my wings to some kid, and got a reward. But now have no wings! It’s been 6 floors and still no more wings…

    1. Having played this game arguably too much (over 250 runs logged — filling in those work breaks adds up majorly over time), I can state the following for anybody else that has this problem: Expect to recover the wings exactly three floors below wherever you give them away, but only if you actually open the chest they are in.

      If you are not looting everything you can get at, I have no idea how the formula changes, but I would certainly not recommend skipping the same chest type that frequently gives you potions regardless of your choice of run style

  10. I have started Enchanted Cave 2 twice and somewhere around floor 60 I have saved my game. When I start back, I have lost all my items and accomplishments. I have invested time into this game and would like to be able to maintain my progress. Is this fixable? Is there any way to get my items back? I don’t plan on finishing the game in one sitting, but I would like to finish it. I like the game a lot, but this is disappointing at best.

        1. You may want to check browser settings, sounds like your cookies are being cleared when you close your browser.

          1. Thank you very much. That is a possibility. I’m gonna give it another shot. It is a great game and I gotta beat it! And thanks again for a hasty reply and your thoroughness. Cheers.

  11. Awesome game! Waited for and purchased the Steam version the day it came out. I had never even used Steam before, didn’t know what it was, exactly. I played Enchanted Cave 2 casually until tonight when I beat the last boss. The last boss was really impressive! I was like, “Whoa!”

    Did you do all the sprites and art in the game? Did you use a map editor (e.g., Tiled)? What IDE did you use? Did you ever complete an RPG Maker game and if so, will you post a link?

    The balance and pacing were perfect! Yes, the game was easy to beat, but I understand NG+ ups the difficulty.

    I really liked the role-playing decisions even though they were basically all, “give this to get this.” I liked the ones where you didn’t know what you were getting, or if you were getting anything at all. I also like the guy who haggled to buy the item (I think it was a flame dagger), but the player didn’t know he would offer more money unless his offer is refused. Plus, the player doesn’t know how high he’s willing to go!

    I was disappointed there wasn’t more of those lite role-playing decisions —a lot more. The whole last half of the game didn’t have any that I recall. I’d like to see one role-playing decision at least every 10 levels. Plus, I’d like ones that won’t be completed for more than 10 levels.

    Also, after beating the final boss, the reception back at town was quite lackluster. I’d recommend having several people there, including a king or mayor to congratulate and thank the player and especially the return of those who were quest-givers. There should have been a whole lot of fanfare. Instead, there was almost none at all.

    I’d also recommend, in the items screen, having the picture or name of the crafting material used to enchant the item displayed or listed right above its bonus.

    Another suggestion: in the items screen, it’s not apparent how much the player’s stats will rise or fall with different equipment. I found myself having to click other tabs (e.g., if looking at helmets, I’d click to the shields tab) just to see what my current score was. A little up or down arrow with a number (e.g., “up 5”) would be nice.

    I was surprised there were no “set bonuses.” The game seemed tailored to use them. Also, I think Zelda-like puzzles every five or 10 levels would have been cool.

    Anyways, like I say, I really loved Enchanted Cave 2. Fantastic balance and pacing. Very fun. A week of time casually playing makes this game easily well worth the $5. That’s a lot less than the price of a movie ticket, and Enchanted Cave 2 delivers a lot more entertainment!

    Thanks a lot for making Enchanted Cave 2!

    — Richard D. Sharpe

    1. Glad you liked it! I did you all the art, and used Tiled for the town and bar maps but the cave is of course generated from code. I used HaxeFlixel and FlashDevelop to write code from scratch. Made a few tiny rpg maker games for fun long long ago that I think I’ve lost by now. :)

  12. I’ve been enjying the iOS version, but can’t for the life of me find the final artifact weapon (Hero’s Sword?) I’ve re-run levels 90-100 at least thirty or so times and can find all other artifacts except that one.

  13. I absolutely love this game and have since the first game but I was wondering what is the point of New Game+? It seems that after long enough you’d rely only on stat gems because your equipment doesn’t change. Could you add the same increase to the equipment that happens to the enemies? Since that would be much easier than creating whole new sets of weapons. Maybe add a +1 for whatever new game+ your on. I just want the game to last forever LOL If not that are you planning on updating the game after its fully released? I’m just very curious XD Thank you for making the game though! I love it and if anything I said was stupid or offensive it wasn’t supposed to be XD Thanks again!

    1. I agree with this! I am working on my first replay through and am having a hard time staying motivated to keep grinding when I know that I won’t really get any better armor and have to rely solely on stat gems…

      I don’t want the equipment to go up proportionally though. Maybe a 2:1 ratio could keep the challenge there. For example if the creatures get 30% stronger in the new game, then have the equipment go up 15%. And rather than it just going up, have all the equipment found in New Game+ be called, “Golden Chausses+” and in New Game++ be called, “Golden Chausses++” and so on.

  14. You are GENIUS! What a great game! I finished the game. Can you please extend the lvls and story? This is just simply awesome game!

  15. just played the flashversion of this game and managed to beat it with the first run – simply an awesome game hope to see the extanded version on steam soon.

    keep up ur good work and thx for this game

  16. can you tell about what libs have you used besides haxeflixel? may be some entity\component systems?

    i’m interested because the game architecture seems very complex (it is rpg enyway) but flixel itself has very little support for those huge things.

    or have you written everything from scratch?

  17. Hey Dustin,
    I got the mobile version as soon as it came out on the Apple Store and love it, the only problem so at all is the balancing for new game+. It would be loads more fun and much more replayable if you were to buff the armor as well for the New Game+, similiar to what Diablo 2 did. The majority of your stats is your equipment and stat gems, so while thank god you reset the stat gem loading levels the equipment not keeping pace is going to force me to grind nearly endlessly in order to progress past lvl 40 or so. I can’t even push past 10 to see how far I can get for fear of winding up where I can barely survive and then trying to forage for gems.

    1. The thought process behind NG+ I think was for the crazy people that like grinding and want more of a challenge from the game.
      I’m doing “OK” in NG+3 with the Hero gear(minus the shield). Here’s a stat comparison with and without armor:

      With these stats fl 60-70 is a bit tough but all I do is speed farm gems.

  18. I know its only been a few days since last asked, but i would love to play this on my iphone, any updates or changes?

    1. Sorry, it’s still a waiting game for me with tax verifcation with my new company, valve + the IRS which takes a while. :(

  19. Hi Dustin!
    I’m so thrilled to see The Enchanted Cave 2 finally getting released – I was a big fan of the original on mobile!

    And speaking of mobile, on January 23, in the comments of a another post here, you said that:

    Steam and mobile releases in March!

    Is that still on-schedule – and can you relay a more precise release date for each platform by now – Steam, iOS, Android? I’m particularily interested in the iOS release date, myself, as that’s where I intend to play the title.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work! I’m loving your games! :)

    1. Additionally, will the game be playable on both iPhones and iPads, like the original? I’m really hoping it won’t be iPad-exclusive, as I don’t own one of those.

      1. Yes, I hope to have it out by the end of the month for mobile including iPhones. It’s possible iOS may be a bit behind Android and PC releases due to Apple’s approval process that tends to take about a week however.

  20. This was a fantastic game, I really enjoyed it. I say that because I don’t want you to think the following suggestions / ideas are me ragging on the game. Nor do I think you should implement them, its your game, they are just ideas that you may or may not take something from.

    Artifacts – There are too many of them. The idea that you have to use things you find and then lose them is cool. After not too long I was fully decked out with artifact gear meaning I did not have to worry about getting any gear to use. Also the transmute spell is probably a bit OP.

    Character customisation – I saw that you are bringing in new NPCs to play as with the premium content, but I’d really love to design my own to be honest.

    NPC Quests – Would love to see more.

    Replayability – OK so I finished the game. Now what?
    Lets say hypothetically that I’m already uber powerful decked out with a full set of artifact loot at level 30. I can kill everything with little effort so I don’t need to grind out more gear and I have all the Museum pieces. What is there to do? Not much to be honest. Now with most Flash games thats fine but as your plan is to sell this game a bit of extra longevity wouldn’t go amiss.

    What about if you could ‘retire’ your character and start at level 1 with a new one?
    I know you can clear all the game data and start again but then everything you worked for is gone.
    With the retirement system you could choose one ‘Heirloom’ item that gets a stat boost or an extra enchantment slot (or even both). The item then changes from Yellow to Purple and is not allowed to be ‘heirloomed’ on retirement again but you can keep regardless of how many times you retire.
    Another feature would be a ‘Wall of Fame’ so that you can view the name / stats / gear of previous retired characters. This could be accessible via the Museum or something.

    As I said I don’t expect you to suddenly go off and put all these changes in, the whole thing has to be made to your own vision of what it should be. But there may be a chance you take some inspiration from one or all of the above. Or maybe you’ll just think they are shit and tell me to piss off. Either way TEC2 was a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing it.

  21. I love this little game! It is by far my favorite game to play when in boaredem. Continue producing but don’t change it to much.

  22. Incredible work, Dustin. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Enchanted Cave so when I found the sequel I spent seven straight hours finishing it. However, as has been mentioned above, certain aspects of the game are pretty overpowered. For me I found the Transmute spell almost game breaking, as well as having a combination of health regen and decimate (over 50 damage).

  23. Big fan of both games. Just played through the Kongregate version, and I thought I’d offer some feedback on balance.

    MP Regen is CRAZY powerful. By saving up cabbages and putting it on all my gear I was able to steamroll through basically the entire ice cave segment, and only really started running into trouble near the end of the forest when monsters started doing more damage than a single Heal spell per battle. HP Regen is also pretty great but not quite as overpowered.

    Attack and Defense are much more useful than Magic, and increasing HP and MP is basically worthless once you get regen equipment. Gold and crafting materials are also plentiful enough to make Gold Find and Item Find a non-issue.

    I found no incentive to ever craft potions. Why waste time creating a stat bonus that’s only going to last a couple battles when you can just warp out and restart if things get to dangerous for your base stats? Potions that straight-up restore HP or MP are the exception.

    Likewise, I never encountered a need to use the elemental spells, or try to figure out how elemental attack/defense affected damage.

    Finally, I’m confused as to why the shady merchant in town stops selling after a certain point in the game. I got two items from him (an Obsidian Shard and a Ring of Regeneration I believe) that I never saw anywhere else, and I’m wondering if not buying everything he has would lock you out of 100% completion, or if those are just very rare drops elsewhere.

    1. Potion effiency also affects equipment enchantments.
      After getting nearly all of them, enchanting equipment with cabbage gives +3 mp regen.
      While trying to do runs for exp & to fill the museum, I used ambrosia on nearly every spot possible. EXP+6% everywhere brought me up to exp bonus: 160%
      After getting all equipment with exp the only thing to do for getting even more is to create potions from ambrosia for another 12%. Max potion duration is 13 battles.

      “or try to figure out how elemental attack/defense affected damage.”
      It was additive: Let’s say you had 18 atk & 5 fire atk, and the target had 10 def & 3 fire def. you would deal 20 dmg +/- random #. It is possible with enchantments and defense to be hit for 0 damage from every enemy in the game, though it is difficult and requires several different sets of gear. Switching gear constantly depending on the target really isn’t even worth it because of how easy it is to just heal back up afterwords.
      I don’t know how weakness works but I’d guess it just doubles that element’s attack.

      1. Actually speaking of filling the museum. Is it possible to get the final weapon? I finished some 30+ runs trying and still have yet to see it.

        1. Just a bug, a slot for a premium content sword. A small number of people with a certain combination of browser/os/plugins and stuff apparently lose their saves whenever I upload an update, so something as small as this isn’t worth the update. :) 17 weapon artifacts total in the flash version.

  24. Played it, loved it, played it a bunch more, found some oddities.

    on PC: (Create a potion that lasts for ‘x’ battles, use the wings to leave. Completion shows no data at all. Still have all items while in town, including ones that are not listed as artifacts.
    It doesn’t always occur.)

    If you have 100% or higher item drop chance. Only one of the possible drops will be obtained when defeating the target. For example: Goblin Chief has 3 drops: Potion, scrap metal, and Fine Steel Helmet.
    With 106% item The Potion is the only item that can drop.

    Only 1/2~ of the enemies have any items, only a few have 2 possible drops, and that was the only target I know to have 3 drops.

    Probably some change like:
    X= MAX(‘TargetDropChance’ + ‘PlayerDropChance’,100)
    Y= Random(1,100)
    IF X >= Y, Then Random(1,10)=Z
    ELSE Z=0
    IF Z>4 Common drop
    ELSEIF Z>1 Uncommon drop
    ELSEIF Z=1 Rare drop
    60/30/10% drop rates should work fine, right?
    Common drops: Crafting Ingredients or potions
    Uncommon drops: Crafting Ingredients, potions, or cursed items.
    Rare drops: Artifacts

    1. Thanks, I’ll check it out. I don’t think I ever intended for drop % to get above 100 so I’ll look into balancing that better.

  25. I saw your original game and played and played until i just couldn’t get any further. I loved it so much and I herd rumor you where making a sequel and I didn’t find out about kickstarter until after you already reached your goal. BUT I saw it yesterday and was like “OMG I HAVE TO PLAY!!!” I love it! Keep up the great work, of course when you have time :)

  26. Thank you so much for making the flash version of the game touch screen compatible. Your game was the first flash game that I played and it’s the best! So many memories :)

  27. this comment is to all who are saying ” it would be nice if your character changed with armor.” please stop that because isn’t easy to syncronize the equipment animation with caractere animation and it whould be too much work for 1 persone to animate every sword and every armor on the games
    i m totally sure if he had the anim of all equipment he whould add ” the character change with armor.”
    sorry for my bad english isn’t my native lunguage

  28. Just wanted to leave a note of support.

    I played enchanted cave a long time ago on flash so I didn’t buy it and replay it when it came out on mobile. But I just tried out enchanted cave 2 on kongregate yesterday and I’m loving it.

    It sounds like you’re going to move it to mobile as well. The interface already seems like it would be well-suited to it. I promise I’ll buy it when that comes out!

    Keep up the good work -a fan.

  29. when i play on kongregate or any other website the bottom half of the screen is flashing grey and i cant see the bottom half clearly can you please fix this?

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