The Enchanted Cave 2 Premium Progress

Premium progress is well under way! At this point a lot of screenshots or gifs would be kind of spoilery since they are end-game stuff so I won’t be posting much. Finished working on a storm though to set the mood for the end-game:

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The Enchanted Cave 2 is released!

Play it now on Kongregate!

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Week 38 Update

A lot of final stuff was done this week to wrap up the main part of the game, and the final testing phase has started.  The only stuff left for the flash release is fixing anything revealed through testing, the museum functionality to store artifacts, a credits screen, and a few more npcs.

I think I added some smaller features this week but they must not be big enough for a screenshot and I forget what they were. My brain’s fried from testing all day yesterday.

Enchanted Forest part of the cave:

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Week 37 Update

This week’s summary of new stuff:

Here’s a guy in town that will sell you a different artifact after each run:

The final spell, “Transmute” has been added.  It will let you enchant any regular item into an artifact.  I’ll probably need to boost the MP use up for balancing though:

I’ve also added some “fog of war” to the actual play screen that you can see a bit in the following gif. Before the addition wider resolutions like the mobile versions and pc version would have an advantage of seeing more of the floor than the flash, so this keeps the gameplay the same, plus it matches the minimap display.

I’m in the middle of a new tileset and plenty of new monsters, so you can look forward to seeing that next week!

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