Week 34 Update

So it’s looking like the game will be released in January.  I could rush and finish by the end of December but with the amount of work remaining and holidays coming up I won’t have time to have a well tested game then. I don’t want to throw away so many months of work by releasing a buggy game a few weeks earlier. Accurately estimating the time it takes to make something probably has the steepest learning curve of anything in software development… it’s incredibly difficult.

Remember… I’m just one guy who’s been working on this the last 8 months, the last few months nearly every day, but whose life still consists of more than just this game. It’s common to see indie developers treated like companies instead of people, which is missing the biggest thing that sets indie developers apart from a AAA company: A company may have a CEO or PR person as a face, but the company itself exists solely to profit from the thing it produces. The vast majority of indie devs however are people trying to make a living doing something we love, with our own lives, friends, and unrelated hobbies apart from our work.

That being said, in this respect I am very fortunate to not be a hugely known developer with hundreds of people demanding what you should do and most of the above paragraph comes from what I’ve seen of big-name devs, not myself. Most all of you all reading this are amazing, rational, supportive people and I thank you for that. <3

AAAAAAaaaaannnnnyway… check out this sweet telekinesis spell you can use to grab treasure, stat gems, or gold from a distance!

Updates leading up to the release will likely have less screenshots because I’d like to keep some of the later stuff a surprise to find while playing the game, and a lot of the work I’m doing now is stuff that would make for pretty boring gifs and screenshots. Here’s a list of a lot of the stuff I did this week… some things took a while, some not at all, but most everything not too great screenshot material, or just new stuff I don’t want to give away.

Art: 1 NPC
Art: 17 Items
Art: 2 Monsters
Art: 4 Spells
Sound: 5 Sound Effects

Feature: Name display on hover/hold for hotkey items
Feature: Hover text for enchantments
Feature: Enchant equipped equipment directly instead of unequipping, enchanting, then re-equipping
Feature: Adjusted floor sizes and layouts to be unique for different sections of the cave
Feature: Revealer Spell
Feature: Telekinesis Spell

Bug Fix: Selling stuff the shopkeeper owned
Bug Fix: Item scrolling getting stuck
Bug Fix: Health bar blinking when full
Bug Fix: Junk selling showing buy prices instead of sell
Bug Fix: Runaway bug that makes you get stuck on an enemy
Bug Fix: Found artifacts list displaying equipped items correctly
Bug Fix: Item Scrolling numbers not updating correctly
Bug Fix: Killing an enemy while running away still moves you on the runaway path
Bug Fix: “Can’t Enchant Text” blocking mouse clicks
Bug Fix: Adding an enchantment to an enchanted item doesn’t default to the new enchantment
Bug Fix: HP/MP regen numbers showing when hp/mp is full
Bug Fix: Stat gem text shows too late
Bug Fix: Numbers not shown on cave screen health bar
Bug Fix: Flying enemies positioning
Bug Fix: Missing tiles in secret areas of jungle ruins
Bug Fix: Floor number shown in town
Bug Fix: Enchanting effects reset to default when crafting so making multiple potions was extra clicking
Bug Fix: Escape Wings shown in loot this run
Bug Fix: <1% chance of secret areas not being connected to their tunnel (this was fun to fix /s)
Bug Fix: Loot stats on escape were not correctly updated

Minor Change: A few changes to NPC dialogue
Minor Change: Added current level to status screen
Minor Change: Skill tree end nodes made larger
Minor Change: Color adjustment for jungle ruins area

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Week 33 Update

Beta testing has started it’s first phase, so a lot of work this week has been fixing some bugs and improving usability in general, plus the usual drawing more art. Unfortunately I’m running out of pretty screenshots to show you without giving too much away but here’s the new and improved map!

This will show when you click on the smaller map in the top right.  I may change the mini version to just floors and walls since adding items makes it a bit cluttered and you’ll be able to see what things are in the large version…

Also stuff is hidden on the map in darkness until you explore the area.  There will be a spell and item to reveal the map and also reveal secret areas as well.

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Week 32 Update

More art, more people, more effects!

Here’s the latest text effects to help give personality to some NPCs in the game:

Adding more people to the town.  People swap out and say different things as the game progresses – how many runs into the cave you’ve completed.

And a glimpse of the Ice Cave area:

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Week 31 Update

First off real quick: after working many months on TEC2 a change of pace for one weekend sounded great, so this weekend I made a quick game for the #indiesvspewdiepie game jam! You can play the super weird game I made in 3 days right here! (Bonus Full Screen version here on my website if you want or the link doesn’t work)

If you have a gamejolt account (or make one) it’d be awesome if you could vote for the game in the jam here! I wish an account wasn’t necessary, but I guess it’s to stop cheaters… which I’m sure would be plenty with nothing in place.

Yes, quite radically different from Enchanted Cave 2!

Aaaannnnyway it’s time to get back to The Enchanted Cave 2. What did I do during the week then?

Nice shiny new textbox animations with dialog choices!

Not shown in a gif is plenty of behind-the scenes work in setting up the basic functionality of npc switches as the basis of giving out and completing quests!

Also I made a few new spells, Windblast and Earthsmash!

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