Weeks 25 and 26 – Steam Greenlight!

The Enchanted Cave 2 is now live on Steam Greenlight! Check it out!

I’ve been working on getting the greenlight page up for the last two weeks, so theres a few new things in the video you won’t have seen before.

Now lets talk about the different platforms!  I’ve had a pretty flexible plan up until now when I’m ironing out a few fine details.

The flash game will be a full game I plan to release sometime in December.  A bit later than originally planned, but that’s how game development tends to work out!

The mobile and paid versions will come afterward, with plenty of extra features. Namely these: (taken directly off of the greenlight page)

  • 20-25 extra floors + extended storyline
  • more NPCs and sidequests
  • more items
  • more monsters
  • more spells
  • native fullscreen capability
  • longer, higher quality music tracks
  • plus plenty of smaller details for a highly-polished game!

To do all of that which I want to will take a bit longer, so the release date for the mobile and steam versions is March 2015.

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Week 24 Update

Populating the town with more people!

Also gold bags are added, hooray!

I got most of the basics of saving and loading game data working this week as well, which can be a little tricky but is of course hugely important.  The game will save your progress during a run by auto-saving with each new floor, and of course upon using the Escape Wings.  There will also be an option to save anytime from the menu during a partially-completed floor.

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Week 23 Update

Made some great progress with items and data management this week.  Got some basic saving and loading working well – after release I want to write up a thing for other devs on how item data is all stored and loaded.  I don’t see a lot of tutorials on that topic, and it can be a tricky thing, particularly with RPG type games with many items.  The Enchanted Cave 2 has an extra layer on top of this with the artifact system and enchanting to allow for very custom items which have to have all of their data saved somehow.

Anyway, I’ve been working on that mostly to be able to start playing the game normally through multiple runs and balancing stuff out soon.  I did do a nifty escape wings animation though!

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Week 22 Update

This week worked a good bit on important but boring stuff for mobile optimization to reduce lag, like rewriting some of my item scroller code and caching some of the sprite texts.  Buuuut… I did want to also give you all something to look at so here you go:

“Loot this run” screen.  Shows artifacts, stat gems, and a few other useful stats for helping decide whether to use the escape wings yet or not:

And Iceslash, the ice attack spell!

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