Week 30 Update

Got a good amount of things done this week, but they are mostly some boring stuff like more art, data management with saving and loading games, adding a settings menu, and fixing some bugs.

One thing was adding functionality for potion effects. Here’s a look at the “active effects” screen to view what kind of effects are currently active and for how many battles.  Normally you probably won’t have so many effects, but it’s certainly possible. :)

Not shown in the screenshot is the icons appearing on your HUD as just the icon and battle duration.  Clicking on them will show this screen for a more detailed look.

Potions with the same effects will stack their effects and battle durations, and take the average power between them in a way I think is the best method without having any loopholes that could be exploited, while avoiding the need to keep a long list of limitless queued effects of different strengths for different number of battles.  Basically… if you have +10 attack for 3 battles and use a potion that is “+15 attack for 2 battles,” you end up with +12 attack for 5 battles.  The battle durations are just added together, and power is “power = (10 * 3 + 15 * 2) / 5″.  It works, I promise!

Also finished is a run away ability.  Sometimes you could accidentally start a battle and not be equipped how you want, or simply change your mind, so you can now run away by just clicking a tile outside of battle:


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Week 29 Update

The largest change this week is the addition of equipment forges which allow you to enchant your equipment! Going along with that development, the effects of most enchantments have been added and the crafting UI for potions reworked a bit to make the enchantment details a bit prettier.

Anyway, welcome to the forge! Forges will be on every 5th floor, including the shops that are on every 10th floor:

Here’s a quick rundown of enchanting: Items can only have 2 enchantments. Some items will have one or two default enchantments, like the Mage Helm in the example which has an MP Regeneration enchantment on it currently. When enchanting you can choose one or two crafting ingredients to add their properties to the item. You have the option to keep an existing enchantment on the item and just add or change the other slot, where only the one ingredient will be used in that case. Two enchantments of the same type on the same item will remain two separate enchantments, but stack for the effective stat bonuses.

So what’s some neat enchantments besides your basic attack, defense, and elemental stuff? Bonus include Exp bonus, Critical Hit bonus, Item Drop bonus, Insta-kill chance, and Bleed and Lifedrain!

Here’s bleed and lifedrain at work on an unsuspecting tortoise:

The purple 7′s are from a lifedrain enchantment and the red 3′s are from a bleed enchantment.  Both do damage over time after the first hit, with the main difference being that some enemies are immune to bleed damage if they don’t have blood, like that spirit fellow in the lower left! Lifedrain works on most everything.

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Week 28 Update

This past week I’ve been working some more art for monsters, npcs, dungeon tilesets, and items, which will be a large part of the work from here on out.  Aside from that and fixing a few small things in a stream, a bigger addition is the equipment comparison screen!

Not too flashy, but should be very useful for comparing stats of an item with what is equipped.  This will come in handy the most on shop screens where you’ll be able to compare a shop item to what you have equipped and buy and equip it from the shop, to make buying new equipment quick and easy!

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Week 27 Update

After getting the greenlight video up, I feel like I’m in the home-stretch now.  A few programming tasks remain but a lot of the remaining work is a steady flow of more art.

Here’s a new feature though: Are pesky monsters blocking treasure you want, but you don’t feel like fighting? Just blast through the walls with the magic pickaxe!

Magic pickaxes can be found throughout the dungeon or bought at shops and break when used, so stock up!

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