Week 22 Update

This week worked a good bit on important but boring stuff for mobile optimization to reduce lag, like rewriting some of my item scroller code and caching some of the sprite texts.  Buuuut… I did want to also give you all something to look at so here you go:

“Loot this run” screen.  Shows artifacts, stat gems, and a few other useful stats for helping decide whether to use the escape wings yet or not:

And Iceslash, the ice attack spell!

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Week 21 Update

Week 21, here we go!

Experience system has been added!  Level Ups grant you a choice of a stat bonus just like the multi-gems along with 3 skill points.

Skill Tree animations!

And lastly, a screenshot of another part of the dungeon, a jungle temple kind of thing!

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Week 20 Update

Was working on a bit of random things this week, like a little title screen fade into the gameplay:

The specifics will be altered later to include a character select after clicking play, and probably a continue button to quickly continue with the last character used which would look like the above.

A good bit of work was also done on the bar/inn interior where most of the NPCs will be.  No NPCs inside yet, but some basic furniture is done.  Still a lot to do, though: (not an in-game screenshot)

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Week 19 Update

This week focused on customization!  TEC1 didn’t really have much in the way of customizing your character to your own play style with stats, but the sequel definitely will.

First up, the skill tree!  There will be an experience system in TEC2 for each defeated enemy, with a number of skill points rewarded to spend in the skill tree.  Maybe 3-5, possibly adjustable with in-game perks; the actual amount will have to be decided when I’m balancing everything out.

The tree is broken up into 3 sections of magic, combat, and miscellaneous skills, so if for example you’re focusing on being a mage, you really will only want to look at the topmost section where all of the magic-related skills are, like magic power and max MP.  Magic spells themselves will be unlockable through the skill tree, which I think will work much better than finding them in spells like the original game.  Spells can play a big role, so I think giving the player the choice of when to acquire certain spells is much preferable to the luck of finding them in a chest.

I also finished some implementation of the “choose gems” as I’ve been calling them.  There are regular stat gems that boost a certain stat, but TEC2 will also feature multicolored gems which can be used as any stat you want, offering more character customization:

Lastly, I’ve been streaming some of the game development on Twitch lately!  (Here’s my channel!).  If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s largely a streaming service for watching people play games, but there’s some developer streams as well.  I basically stream whatever’s on my computer screen and talk about whatever I’m doing and viewers can talk to me and one another in the chat window.  When streaming I’m always open to any questions about TEC2 or games in general so come hangout!  I don’t have a schedule of when I stream, but will try to give at least a half-hour heads up on my Twitter, and will stream something for at least a couple of hours, so hopefully you can catch me on sometime if you’re interested.

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