Week 12 Update

Flamestrike, the first magic spell has been added!

The UI shown in these gifs are getting much closer to what the final look will be.  In order to get the magic working, I had to complete some basic functionality for the hotkey bar at the bottom, where you’ll be able to assign any item or spell to use or equip with a single click/tap/button press.

Graphically I’ve reworked a lot of the colors in the game to unify the palette, as well as improved my pixel-scaling script I use for some of the graphics for cleaner and smoother edges of sprites.  I’ve added some smaller wooden chests to be for crafting ingredients only to help you decide if a chest is worth it or not, and I’ve moved the “found item window” down to the lower left more out of the way, because clicking it will take you directly to that item in your inventory:

Also got a basic minimap added to show the current floor and player position.  I’m thinking about having it clicked bring up a larger, more detailed view of the floor, where treasures and monsters are displayed if you have the right items or magic spell to see them.  Also thinking about a fog of war type deal in conjunction with items or spells to affect that as well, but I’m not too sure on that just yet!

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Week 10 and 11 Update


I’ve been working a lot on some UI stuff, with most of it being the crafting system.  Here’s the basics on how the system works:  Ingredients can have one or two properties each with an amount of “potency” or “power”, and you’ll be able to combine any two ingredients to create a potion of your choice with up to two of the properties.  Two ingredients with the same property will combine their powers to give a bonus to that enchantment.  Equipment will be able to be enchanted at altars in the dungeon basically the same way as potions but with the additional ingredient of the item you are enchanting.

This formula I hope will prove to be very simple and easy to use, and should allow plenty of options for passive skills to be learned to improve your crafting, like the ability to craft potions with more enchantments.

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Week 9 Update

Combat, treasures, and stat gems!

I’m very much for allowing the player to play as quickly as they want.  It takes a bit of extra programming work sometimes to do so, but I think the experience is so much nicer when you don’t have to needlessly wait.  You’ll notice in the gameplay gif that there’s no mandatory waiting on opening chests or grabbing gems.  There are still animations, but they are dynamically based on the player’s position, so you can open a chest and immediately move on.  To go along with this quickness, the game data – the items and stats – are updated instantly when you activate a chest or stat gem, despite the animation appearance, so the state of the game is instantly advanced.  Stat gems simply have to be walked through to collect them, as shown by the final move of clicking on the chest and the stat gem being collected as well.

In addition to the above, I’ve made some more progress on the inventory screen to show your stats and the selected item’s stats:


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Week 8 Update

Made a lot of progress on the inventory and equipment portion of the user interface this week!  It’s really a challenge to make a good UI for an RPG on small screens, but I think I have a good plan for this one.  Porting the first game over to mobile taught me a good bit, so I’ll be using similar features that I think worked well (like the item scrolling area, and the shop layout) along with several new improvements.  TEC2 has even more UI that will need to be done (like the crafting system and a bestiary) so I’ve had to design the buttons layout with everything in mind.

Working along with the UI is now a method of rendering the game on any screen size, which is a big deal for mobile.  A common and easy approach in games is to design the game at a fixed width and height and then either scale the game to fit the screen stretching pixels if needed (creates blurriness) or scaling up to one dimension’s limit which leaves black bars on the sides of wide screens.

I’ll be doing a completely dynamic approach of positioning everything in game based on the screen size so pixels will be clean and crisp for most resolutions and the entire screen will always be used for both the UI and moving your hero around the maps.

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