The Enchanted Cave 2 is released!

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Week 38 Update

A lot of final stuff was done this week to wrap up the main part of the game, and the final testing phase has started.  The only stuff left for the flash release is fixing anything revealed through testing, the museum functionality to store artifacts, a credits screen, and a few more npcs.

I think I added some smaller features this week but they must not be big enough for a screenshot and I forget what they were. My brain’s fried from testing all day yesterday.

Enchanted Forest part of the cave:

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Week 37 Update

This week’s summary of new stuff:

Here’s a guy in town that will sell you a different artifact after each run:

The final spell, “Transmute” has been added.  It will let you enchant any regular item into an artifact.  I’ll probably need to boost the MP use up for balancing though:

I’ve also added some “fog of war” to the actual play screen that you can see a bit in the following gif. Before the addition wider resolutions like the mobile versions and pc version would have an advantage of seeing more of the floor than the flash, so this keeps the gameplay the same, plus it matches the minimap display.

I’m in the middle of a new tileset and plenty of new monsters, so you can look forward to seeing that next week!

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Weeks 35 and 36 Update

After a Christmas break I’m back at it, finishing a second phase of testing for the game. I test the game myself before sending it off to testers to fix the obvious issues, which becomes very time consuming due to the nature of this game.  Since it’s a roguelike and relies on good balance of everything working together, if you make a significant change, you really have to start over from scratch to get an accurate read on how the difficulty is deeper into the cave. Plus there’s the randomness… different play styles… lots of stuff!

But I did notice while playing today that I was enjoying it more, which is a great sign from someone whose spent around 1000 hours working on this game. Normally it feels more like work than playing a game because I tend to fix bugs as I come across them, but a lot of stuff has come together and I found it fun to decide what to enchant, what to buy and sell, what potions to craft…

So what’s new? Here’s a simple bestiary menu that logs the monsters you’ve faced:

The monsters scroll just like items do, and you can select one to view their stats.

Here’s a look at the settings menu I haven’t shown before because *yawn*:

Notable here is the smooth filter which you can toggle on and off in-game, as well as the battle speed option which is actually new these last two weeks:  After the first few floors of the cave monsters start doing more damage and more strategy is involved, so I’ve added a battle speed option to slow down battles if the player wants. This gives them more time in battle to think about whether or not to use a spell or potion, or to run away.  Both the player and monster’s attack delays are simply doubled on the slow mode so that the outcome remains the same.  Fast is the default and is the speed you’ve been seeing in gifs of earlier updates.

What else… I added MP cost to enchanting:

15 MP per ingredient used.  It felt overpowered before when there was no MP cost, plus this was my original intention anyway… I just finally got around to implementing it.  Enchanting is very very useful and tends to play an important role in the game, and allows the player to customize their play style. (Potion crafting still only uses ingredients and no MP.)

Lastly here’s another screen of the ice caves with a few new enemies:

Still looking at a January release date, though it’s going to be 80 floors for the flash version. :(  I never came up with an idea for the bonus floors (and items!) beyond 100 for the paid versions, so I am going to just use the 20 floors from 80 to 100 as the extra floors for the paid versions.  These floors I have a very clear plan for and items already designed so development on this will be much less stressful… which is the one thing I need after I release the flash version. After working most everyday for the last two or three months, I was somewhat dreading releasing the flash version and then having a few more months of hard crunch-time to get out the premium content which I’ve taken basically zero time to plan since my focus has been on the flash.

Now before you grab your pitchforks hear me out here… 80 floors of this game as larger, fully random floors with all of the extra gameplay features is still a crazy amount of more content than the 100 floors of TEC1, and time-wise 80 TEC2 floors will still take longer to complete than 100 of TEC1. Also enemy spreads are different; still gonna be more monsters in 80 floors of TEC2 than 100 floors of TEC1.  Items too! Plenty more items. So although the floor number is lower than originally planned, rest assured the flash version’s still gonna be a killer game. ;)

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