The Enchanted Cave 2 Kickstarter is successful!

TEC2 development is under way!  I’ll be posting weekly updates, so check back in a week to check out what I’ve been working on!

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The Enchanted Cave 2 Kickstarter has Launched!

At long last, I’ve launched the kickstarter for the much requested sequel to The Enchanted Cave!

Check it out, tell your friends, ask me questions!

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The Enchanted Cave 2 Progress Report!

Lately I’ve been trying to put together at least some art for the TEC2 kickstarter. Here’s the town blacksmith I just finished!

This took a long time to make! I am going to move on to do some static imagery for the next few days, since animations take so long to do. Hopefully I can start recording my kickstarter video soon!

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Enchanted Cave free on iOS

The Enchanted Cave is free on iOS until March 2nd as part of a promotion, so Grab it while you can!

I’d do the same to match it on Android, but Google Play Store doesn’t allow you to change an app from free back to paid. :/

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