Premium Release Date Update!

Firstly – I’m making great progress and am very happy with how things are turning out… it’s just taking a bit longer than intended. I’ve misjudged my time estimate for premium release by not considering all of the different platforms nearly enough when I said March, but things are very close! Testing and optimizing a ton of things in the game to run well on mobile devices has been most of my work for the last week. Memory usage was also bit high so I had to re-work how a lot of the graphics are displayed and stored which was very time-consuming. So many different resolutions provides plenty of extra dev and testing time and well. The lazy approach is to scale and stretch the screen to whatever size, but I’ve coded TEC2 to keep pixels 1×1 by showing a bit of extra screen for wider screens, as well as adding a GUI size setting to adjust to your needs. (For example the size defaults to “large” on mobile but there’s a “small” setting which may be preferable for tablet users.)

Also important is promotional materials for launch like a gameplay trailer I’ll need to make… and I’d like the Steam versions to have achievements and trading cards available at launch as well. (Apologies if you don’t care anything about those things… lots of players care maybe a little too much that a game has those!)

Also the last boss in TEC1 was lacking so I am learning from that mistake by making sure this final boss won’t let you down. :)

Clearly I suck at estimating dev time so I don’t have a release date but will set one when I finish the gameplay trailer. I’m working on this most of the day every day now so it’s only a matter of time! I know there’s a few true fans of the first TEC that chose not to play the flash because they’re waiting for premium so I’m sorry to make you wait even longer… just don’t want to give you a buggy thrown together game.

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The Enchanted Cave 2 Premium Progress

Premium progress is well under way! At this point a lot of screenshots or gifs would be kind of spoilery since they are end-game stuff so I won’t be posting much. Finished working on a storm though to set the mood for the end-game:

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The Enchanted Cave 2 is released!

Play it now on Kongregate!

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Week 38 Update

A lot of final stuff was done this week to wrap up the main part of the game, and the final testing phase has started.  The only stuff left for the flash release is fixing anything revealed through testing, the museum functionality to store artifacts, a credits screen, and a few more npcs.

I think I added some smaller features this week but they must not be big enough for a screenshot and I forget what they were. My brain’s fried from testing all day yesterday.

Enchanted Forest part of the cave:

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